"I couldn't be happier to wear Only Raw Hair." says Michelle.  The quality of the hair is amazing.  My Stylist Carla Foster has the ability to create different styles and  Kristen Anderson can experiment with the color applications to the hair.  
I am rocking with the best wearing Only Raw Hair!  This hair allows you to BE YOU!

In 2010, Michelle Barron created the award winning network Women In the Spotlight GoinGlobal (WITSGG) Inc. Launched in Buffalo, New York as an online Facebook group, WITSGG has grown over the years into a global network of women who want to succeed in business and in life.   

 With Chapters in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina, Women In the Spotlight GoinGlobal is a digital platform for women to connect, share ideas, solicit advice, and create a powerbase for women to connect globally.

 I am very proud of all that we have accomplished. This organization has been the catalyst for birthing many businesses, ideas, concepts and more importantly creative collaborations.

We have created one stage for over 2600 Women in 50 States in addition to our sisters across the border in Toronto Canada to empower, build and foster dynamic Relationships with women from all backgrounds across the world.  We are GoinGlobal with our movement of empowering women - one woman at a time!