How to Color Raw Hair Bundles

May 08, 2018

Have you ever wondered if your raw hair bundles can be colored? Wonder no more. The answer is a resounding yes. Raw hair has not been treated with any chemicals. It is basically, just regular hair and you can treat it almost in the same way as you treat your own hair. Of course, you will always want to choose hair dye that is mild on hair. Anything that is harsh on hair will be extra harsh for your raw hair. You don’t want to damage them in that way. So the first step to properly dyeing them is to look for hair dyes with no harsh chemicals. It doesn’t matter if you want them darker or lighter, what’s important is that you take care of your hair bundles with proper love and attention to detail.

Basic Tools You’ll Need:

  1.       Your choice of hair dye
  2.       Developer
  3.       Gloves (Latex)

You might also want other tools you will need for special hair style dye techniques (whatever tools you use for your own hair).

How To Dye Your Raw Raw Indian Hair Extensions

Step 1: Brush gently through the raw hair bundles so that you untangle them as well as you can. In case you have styled your hair bundles before, you want to wash them well so that the styling washes off before you dye them. Make sure to dry your hair by hanging them on a cool place overnight. Do not use hair dryers as they tend to tangle your hair. These can cause more tangles. Also, applying heat can damage your raw hair.

Step 2: The next day, you can be sure that your raw hair bundle is already dry. Prepare your hair color mixture and make sure to follow any specific product instructions. Don’t forget to put on your latex gloves on both hands. Pour the hair dye and the developer into the bottle reserved for application. Shake the bottle to make sure they are mixed thoroughly. Give it a shake for a good minute.

Step 3: Apply the dye on your raw hair. Make sure that every single strand of your raw hair bundle is coated with the dye. One good tip here is that it’s better to use more. Liberal use is much better than using not enough dye because you will have to repeat the process if you fail to coat everything. Make sure to comb the hair while applying the dye mixture. After coating the hair, put it on a towel. Your dye instructions will tell you how long you need to keep the hair on the towel as it absorbs the excess dye. Then rinse the hair dye from your raw hair bundle and use warm water to put on conditioner. Don’t forget to comb the hair to distribute the conditioner thoroughly. Finally, wash out the conditioner using cold water. Allow them to air dry thoroughly.

There you go. You'll be ready to with gorgeous hair everyday if you style your bundles the right way. For more tips, like and subscribe our FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.